Monday, April 11, 2011

Hollywood Undead: American Tragedy Review

Well, here's my attempt at reviewing Hollywood Undead's new album. I'm going to start off by saying if you were a fan of HU before, this new album will definitely be a shock. As a little backstory, there was a feud in the band a while ago over who should be considered the writer of the songs on their previous albums, which forced their singer, Deuce, to leave the band. The band eventually replaced him with a singer who has definitely proved his worth, despite some initial hatred.

Now, the sound of this album is definitely the Hollywood Undead sound, but there is definitely a Linkin Park feel to it. Also, the sense of humor that has been prevalent in their previous songs and albums is no more. The majority of the songs are really dark and depressing. Like, really, really dark. To give you an idea, the happiest and most upbeat song on the album is "Bullet", which is basically a story about wanting to commit suicide. Yeah, it's definitely a dark album.

Despite being very dark and not at all humorous, it's still a great album. This album is definitely more mainstream than their previous album "Swan Songs", which definitely makes this better than "Desperate Measures", but not quite on the same level as "Swan Songs". I would recommend buying this album only if you can deal with the dramatic changes to their sound.

Dark, Heavy riffs
Well-written lyrics
Different sound, with some of their old elements still intact

Too much synth in too many songs
Lack of humor
New singer can be very whiny at some times